1998 AT-502B

N5002J    Serial No. 502B-0498

Single seat agricultural aircraft complete with:

Agricultural airplane complete with 2”spray system, streamlined lowered booms, 2” bottom loading valve, Transland special 38” wide gate, 500 gallon fiberglass hopper, pump shut-off valve, 3-color polyurethane paint finish, 29 x 11 high flotation tires & wheels with dual 3-piston brakes, electrically operated high-lift flaps with aileron droop, 3-blade constant speed reversing Hartzell propeller with polished spinner, heavy duty oil cooler, 250 amp starter-generator, 2 batteries, 170 gallon fuel tanks, strobe lights, turn windows, nose mounted landing lights, air conditioned cockpit, windshield washer and wiper, fuel flowmeter, 18 gallon hopper rinse tank, Hoerner wing tips that increase wingspan to 52.0 feet, outside air temperature gauge, 8,000 pound FAA certificated gross weight. FAA approved maximum operating weight is 10,480 pounds.


Time since FCU O/H and High Pressure Fuel Pump: 258.9 (Hobbs: 6772.1); Eddy Current due at Hobbs: 7264.2; November 2019 annual, clean Midwestern aircraft with no damage history, ready to work!

Year:  1998

Status:  Pre-owned


Total Time Since New: 7031.0


Airframe:  N5002J, s/n 502B-0498
Engine:  PT6A-15AG, s/n PCE-PD0034
Propeller:  HARTZELL HC-B3TN-3D/10282N+4

Options Included:

- Satloc Bantam with Flow Control

- Reabe Hopper Quantity Gauge

- PAR200 VHF Comm Radio/Audio Panel

- Garmin AERA510 GPS

- Storm Cutters

- Micro Aerodynamics Vortex Generators

- LED Nose Lights

- Shadin Fuel Flowmeter

- Kawak Throttle Quadrant

- AFS Check Valves and CP-09-3P Nozzles (35)

- Lane Electric Brake and Ground Adjustable Fan

- Right Hand Electric Boom Shutoff

- Stainless Steel Booms



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