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Fly With The Best

No matter which aspect of agricultural aviation you're dealing with, Lane Aviation has you covered. From new and pre-owned aircraft sales to parts sales and maintenance, as well as the experience gained from operating our own aerial application service, we have the products and expertise to get you in the air.


The Original

Air Tractor Dealer

Since becoming the first Air Tractor dealer in 1974, Lane Aviation continually strives to be the best in the business. Our extensive inventory of both aircraft and parts allows for true one-stop shopping. Paired with unmatched customer service, we can provide customers with everything they may need, every time.
The parts department staff at Lane Aviation is friendly, courteous, and love helping you get exactly what you need. We stock nearly every Air Tractor OEM part one would need as well as a host of other parts and accessories. Online ordering will soon be available, but if you have any suggestions, please send us an email here!

First Class Maintenance & Aircraft Support

From quick fixes and routine inspections to major structural or cosmetic repairs to AOG situations, our experienced mechanics will get you back in the air as quickly as possible. With multiple A&P mechanics on staff and decades of knowledge, you can count on quality work each and every time.
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