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The Lane Brake, on approximately 90% of all operating agricultural aircraft, was born as a brain-child of              

George Lane and Mel Chynoweth in the late 1970s.  The two were constantly battling brakes that were simply not working, under-engineered and continually costing down-time.  The constant changing of wooden blades were also causing problems in day-to-day operations.  Mr. Lane knew he needed a brake with a variable pitch.  The Lane Brake hasn't changed much from the revolutionary design that debuted over 40 years ago.  Materials have been replaced with more robust ones, and small design changes as technology progresses continue to make this accessory a necessity for the agricultural operator.



Lane Electric Brakes e.jpg
4 blade fans.jpg

Lavender, Graham. "Past Present Future:

Lane Aviation Celebrates 75 Years in Ag Aviation."

AgAirUpdate, April 2020

Lane 6 Blade Fan
Fan & Brake mounted.jpg

Small Lane Brake and 4 Blade Fan installed on plane

Large Lane Brake and 6 Blade Fan

mounted to pump on plane

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