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    Celebrating 75 years of flying excellence, 1945-2020


George Lane (R) and Milton Lane (L) officially open Lane Airpark in Rosenberg, TX in 1945.


George Lane disembarks a Snow S2 during the early years of Lane Aviation.

Grant E. Lane, President and CEO of Lane Aviation, passed away this past July after a courageous battle with cancer.  While we are all deeply saddened with this loss, the outpouring of support from folks all over has been so heartwarming.  There is a hole left that cannot be filled, but we will continue to provide the resources and support for which Grant was so well known. 

George Lane (1920-2003)

Lane Aviation’s association with agricultural application began with George Lane and Leland Snow in College Station, Texas in 1957: Leland was demonstrating the S2A.  George gave Leland a deposit on one of the first five built!  Shortly thereafter, Lane Aviation became a dealer for Snow Aircraft.  Therefore, when Leland Snow started Air Tractor, Lane Aviation’s business relationship with Snow was already well established.  Lane Aviation was appointed the first Air Tractor dealer in 1974.  Since then, Lane Aviation has sold more Air Tractors than anyone else in the world, making it the #1 Air Tractor dealer.

Lane Aviation has always been a family-run company.  One of George’s sons, Grant Lane, is the President of Lane Aviation.  Mark Lane, George’s other son, is the Chief Pilot for the ag operation at Lane Aviation.  Grant is now bringing a third generation to the business and, with it, a fresh perspective.  Grant’s son, Logan Lane, is a pilot and graduate of Texas A&M University.  Grant’s life-long experience in the ag aviation business makes him the perfect mentor.  Logan is learning how customers have come to count on Grant’s highly personalized customer service skills.  Whether a customer is upgrading his Air Tractor fleet, making the transition to Air Tractor or to turbine power, Grant is there to help and advise every step of the way.

Lane Aviation, Inc., operates from its own airport with the identifier of T54.  The maintenance facility can handle every type of Air Tractor aircraft maintenance, as well as most other ag planes.  This includes annual and routine inspections, major airframe repairs, and engine exchanges.  If necessary, we can also facilitate the out-sourcing of major engine repairs.  With Air Tractor factory-training and FAA certified A&P and IA mechanics, customers are assured of the highest quality work of their aircraft.

Also located at Lane Air Park is the fully stocked parts department of Lane Aviation.  Not only is it essential to have parts on hand to facilitate repairs made in the maintenance shop, but it is paramount to have an extensive inventory readily available to ship to our customers.  Lane Aviation has maintained its own spraying operation since 1948.  Our fleet of multiple Air Tractors not only allows us to know how to best respond to ag operators’ needs, but it also helps us to understand what it means to be AOG.  Lane Aviation works diligently to make sure our customers get their required parts as quickly as possible.  Whether a customer is two towns over or on another continent, Lane Aviation has the experience and expertise to get them back up in the air.

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